Underground Locating and Setout

Before digging, it is important that one of our Locators does a survey and checks for Underground Services such as Electricity, Water, Sewer, Storm water, Telecommunications and Gas. We use the latest Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Frequency Locator to locate these underground services, they are then marked on the surface with type and depth below. By having the area of works scanned before excavation, you could avoid costly repair to damaged infrastructure, and prevent injury to workers. We at Trace Cable Locating are fully certified Dial Before You Dig Service Locators.

A  'Setout' is marking the precise position of a structure on a piece of land, these marks guide the builder to the correct placing of the building. 

We provide these construction marks and lines by the use of a Total Station, thus ensuring that all measurements are precise. 

This is particularly important, especially since block sizes are getting smaller in estates. 

Structures are now being built on boundaries with no tolerance for error.       


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